Top 5 Female Tattoo Artists

female tattoo artist

Nobody ever said that body ink was a men’s-only club. Indeed, with so many amazing female artists out there, it was only a matter of time before ladies took over some of the top spots in the tattoo industry. There are more women in the tattoo business than ever, and their unique talents are becoming sought after by body ink enthusiasts. Some of the best artists out there ranging in style from portraits to classic to fine art are women. Here are the top five women in the field.

Kat von D

Kat is the most famous woman tattooing today. Her reality show, LA Ink, consistently garners high ratings, and she has been a professional inker since she was sixteen years old. She began her career at Inland Empire’s Sin City Tattoo, and now displays her work at her own shop in West Hollywood.

Pat Fish

Pat practices her art in Santa Barbara, CA. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines and documentaries and she is a regular at tattooing conventions. She specializes in Celtic designs and Pictish art. Her mentor was Irish body inker Cliff Raven. Pat is also a featured artist and member of the National Tattoo Association.

Kate Hellenbrand

Kate is world-renowned and has spread her work around from New York to Utah, California, Pennsylvania and Hawaii. She earned her stripes in Los Angeles and now is the owner of Shanghai Kate’s Tattoos in Austin, TX. She has worked with many famous names in the industry such as Ed Hardy, Sailor Jerry Collins and Jack Rudy.

Kate was one of the council members for the first ever body ink convention in Hawaii, way back in 1972.  Her work has been featured on television and in major magazines. She is a writer for several industry periodicals including “Skin and Ink” and “International Tattoo Art.”

Jen Beirola

Jen began her career as a tattooist while serving in the Air Force about fifteen years ago. She has won awards for her art and is the owner of Grinn and Barrett in Omaha, NE. Her shop was named Best Tattoo Studio in 2009.

Jen’s work has been featured in many industry rags such as “International Skin Shots,” “Savage,” “Tattoo Revival,” and many others. She has gained local, national and international acclaim and notoriety. She specializes in portrait pieces with vibrant colors, and in black-and-white photorealistic tattoos. She also prides herself on thinking outside the box when it comes to cover-ups.

Margaret Moose

Margaret studies fine arts and anthropology and is renowned not only for her incredible tattoo artistry, but for her fine art oil paintings. She has worked with industry greats Randy Gardner (under whom she apprenticed), Mike Brown and Trevor Marshall.

While she has worked at many shops all over the nation, she currently owns Studio 258 in Hickory, NC. Patrons of the shop may be interested to know that Margaret’s daughters Virginia and Rebecca have inherited her talents and also work in the shop.

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8 thoughts on “Top 5 Female Tattoo Artists”

  1. Im so happy for my artist and friend, Jen Beriola, here in Omaha. She had done alot of work on me and I get compliments all the time!

  2. I had a tat done by Jen. I was on R&R leave from my tour in Iraq and my sister and I got matching tattoos. Mine on the back of my neck. During my leave I got 3 more from this shop but by dif people. My neck started hurting and I went back, her reaponse was I was allergic to PCN and people allergic to PCN sometimes have a reaction to pinks and reds, mind you all my other tats have pinks and reds never had an issue. This one looked like a whitehead on it, by the time I made it back to Kuwait my neck hurt so bad I could hardly turn it. When I returned to Iraq I had to go to the medical center and they had to cut my neck open and it was the most painful thing ever! They told me that that wasn’t an allergic reaction it was the result of having a dirty needle used on me. Today there is not any pink at all in my tattoo.

    1. Those are some pretty serious accusations you are throwing around. I am afraid that you have me mistaken or have another agenda. I guarantee everything that comes out of my shop 100%. I pride myself on taking responsibility for my technical shortcomings and I thank customers for coming back that need touch ups, on the very rare occasion that happens. I would like to invite you to come speak to me about it in person anytime. I work Tuesday – Saturday 12-8pm at Grinn & Barrett Tattoo. 3021 Leavenworth st. Omaha, NE.

  3. Wow. Congrats to you Jen! I just read about your accomplishment in being one of the TOP 5 female tattoo artists in the U.S.. Anyone who can rank up there with Kat von D @ LA Ink; has got to be great in what she does. My daughter and I have been wanting to go see Kat, but that is entirely to far for us to go for a tattoo. However, it was very reassuring to hear that we have someone just as great as Kat in our area. I’m still about 2hrs. from you, but I would love to come and see your shop and see if you could help us out. I also have a tattoo that I’ve been wanting to finish, but have no clue how to finish it off. This would be my daughters first tattoo, so I want it to be a pleasant experience for her. This would be the idea; (Mother/Daughter Day) !!!! I hope we get to meet you.

  4. I’m not trying to talk down on you, or keep you from being on top because clearly you are doing amazing and I’m happy for you. I’m just saying what I was told and I know the pain I went through after getting back in country. Next time I am up in omaha I would love to stop in and show you, this tat was done in July 2007. Again I’m not trying to belittle you or your work I’m just stating what the doctor there told me.

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